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                                      SANTA PROMO

                               MR. & MRS. CLAUS

This was my first practice documentary 2015 with an unformiliar camera. Unforunitaly I plugged the mic in the wrong location...LOL.
We live and learn to which we can only laugh at our mistakes.


Would you, a business, or someone you know like to sponser Chatterbox documentories or perhaps "Just my Opionion" shows? How does it work you ask? Well, with many different options to choose from. 

The amount of the sponship will depend on the following decitions you make:

1. Your can choose to have us make a documentary about your business where then your business information will be shown at the begining or end (or both) of your show.

2. You can choose to have your business information only placed before and after the shows (or one or the other)

3. You can choose a chatterbox produced show (or all shows) that are aired to have your information placed

4. You can choose to have your information displayed as many times a week or per month as you like with the show or shows

5. How many towns would you like it to appear in

6. ...and so on and so forth

 Contact Evangeline personaly to schedule a time and place to talk in person for further details.